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Tell us about yourself? 
I’m Muna, a happy, vivacious, busy career woman with a great desire for a beautiful life. I’m a long time video producer and presenter. I’m passionate about wellness, beauty and travel! 

What is your thing? 
I’m a creative at heart. I’m a storyteller, connector and video creator. I’ve set up my boutique production house in London – so I’m proud to say that I’m an all round kick-ass girl boss!

How did it start?
A long, long time ago, I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment field – I was an aspiring singer and fashion designer, but my traditional parents didn’t see it as a fulfilling career. I knew I had to find an outlet to create, so I went to school in Toronto, Canada and studied print and broadcast journalism. In my last year of college, I interned at a music label, then decided it wasn’t for me, so I thought how about TV? So, I went to Canada’s biggest entertainment show, etalk and applied there for an internship soon after I graduated I landed a job. Soon after my producer stint in Canada, I moved to Dubai and worked for networks like Showtime Arabia, MuchMusic ArabYeah! and Yahoo to name a few. In 2016, I moved to New York and freelanced for Facebook! I am now based in London and continue freelance projects with Facebook, among other collaborations. I started from the bottom and now 14 years later I can definitely say I’ve built an excellent portfolio in TV, digital and advertising! 

Tell us what a normal day is like for you: 
Being my own boss it’s important that I find structure in my daily routine. I have a calendar outlined with my priorities and tons of sticky notes and note pads everywhere with tasks for me to achieve on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. In my case, everyday feels different and that is what I love. Well most days, I start with a healthy breakfast, glass of warm water with lemon, some stretches and then check my emails. I’m trying to make a habit of taking care of myself before I dive right into work. I then follow-up on any projects I’m on, I may have meetings on phone or in person scheduled. And in my spare time, I am mainly editing and/or filming content for my platform, She Connects TV. 

What’s the dream?
I have many big dreams. I think ideally I’d love to partner up with my husband on a business venture and that would be a boutique hotel concept with beach views. I also want to find ways to always create content through various outlets like writing a book and having my own travel wellness show. I definitely want to grow my personal brand and continue releasing inspiring content of the women I connect with via She Connects TV. 

Word of advice: 
Dream big and dream hard, but also know that you have to work towards all your goals. No matter what don’t give up if you truly believe in yourself. I’m someone who when I think about something that I want to achieve, I continue to ingrain that thought and find out how I can achieve it. And you know what, it pretty much always happens and I think that is the power of positivity! One last thing is to ask people for help or advice. Don’t shy away and think that you’re not worthy. If they pass, it’s OK, there’s always someone out there to support you! #keepglowing 

Name a song that takes you back to your favourite memory:
Oh there are so many songs, but Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson stands out. I was a little kid and I remember begging my mum to buy me her tape. I listened that track and the whole album over and over again. She was an idol growing up. This brings back so many fond memories of me singing and dancing in front of my parents. They loved being entertained by me! 

Muna Ismail
Video producer | Presenter


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